Run Ashore

by Bravery Trust & Contentgroup

Bravery Trek is an opportunity to celebrate the service of the ADF, especially those who serve and have served in contemporary wars, and initiates important conversations about what it means to serve, the sacrifice made by families, and the challenges faced when leaving the ADF.


The Bravery Trek raises money to support the work of Bravery Trust, a military charity which provides financial aid to veterans who have been injured during service to support them with immediate needs such as housing, medical expenses, car costs and food. We also provide a veteran specific financial counselling service.


This year’s Trek is themed around the Royal Australian Navy – with a virtual route around Sydney Harbour incorporating key Naval bases and sites of historical significance. The 57km challenge is the distance from North Head to South Head and coincides with the sum of 57 ships, boats, submarines, and bases in the Navy.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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