EP 4 - The Road Not Taken

In this episode we  consider other similar revolts across Ireland at the time, including the forgotten story of ‘Take Back the City’-style housing occupations movement in Limerick in 1922, the alternative vision of a workers republic that inspired so many and how that path was shut off.

Voices, in order, are: Aprille Scully (podcast co-host), Cian Prendiville (podcast host), Liam Cahill (author of 'Forgotten Revolution'), Thomas Keana (local historian), Dominic Haugh (historian and member of the Socialist Party) and Darren Maher (local actor).

Music throughout the episode is by Post Punk Podge.

More info on the podcast at: http://limericksoviet.ie/ or to find out more about the Limerick Soviet 100 Festival check-out: http://limericksoviet100.ie/