EP2 - A New 'Boss' in Town

This episode look at how the Soviet ran the city, produced food, printed money, set up their own police force and even brought down the price of milk. 

Voices, in order, are: Aprille Scully (podcast co-host), Cian Prendiville (podcast host),  Mike Finn (playwright of 'Bread Not Profits' play), and Liam Cahill  (author of 'Forgotten revolution)

Song at the start of the episode is 'Limerick Soviet by Alun Parry. Music throughout the episode is by Post Punk Podge, and the song at the end is by David Blake from the play 'Bread Not Profits'.

More info on the podcast at: http://limericksoviet.ie/ or to find out more about the Limerick Soviet 100 Festival check-out: http://limericksoviet100.ie/