The lowdown on pre-and postnatal depression, featuring Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson

 With 10 - 20% of people experiencing mental health issues during pregnancy and up to one year after giving birth, it’s time to break the taboo surrounding maternal mental health. In this episode, entrepreneur and broadcaster Luisa Zissman, and author, life coach and broadcaster Anna Williamson, share their personal experiences of perinatal anxiety and depression. Prepare for some serious stigma smashing on the emotional fallout of dealing with everything from difficult pregnancies and births, to childcare and societal pressure.  

Please be aware that this episode includes open and honest discussions around issues including suicide, suicidal thoughts, and self-harm.  Some listeners may find the content upsetting. If you are affected by what you hear, and would like further information on available support, please see the list of resources below.  


SupportRoom (mental health support) from Boots Health Hub

Boots Online Doctor 

NHS: treatment information for postnatal depression

NHS: information on prenatal mental-health

NHS: information on perinatal mental health





The Positive Birth Company: The Postpartum Pack

My Little Coco Baby Mama Nourishing Bath Soak

My Expert Midwife: Spritz for Bits

My Expert Midwife: Soak for Bits

My Expert Midwife: Super scar Recovery Oil

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