Losing it: Is there a perfect way to lose your virginity?, featuring Russell Kane and Desiree Burch

Losing your virginity is a momentous moment in anyone’s life – a milestone, the importance of which is ramped up through pop culture, peer pressure, and historical, societal and religious connotations. Some people want it to be special, some want to get it over with, while others don’t know what all the fuss is about. In this episode, comedians Russell Kane and Desiree Burch will discuss their first times and what they wish they’d known. This no-holds-barred, hilarious conversation covers everything from navigating awkward encounters, contraception and the influence of porn, to establishing boundaries, being a virgin-dominatrix (yes, really) and whether it’s ever possible for someone’s first time to be a great experience. It promises to be an eventful ride (see what we did there?).




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