Episode 14 (part 2)

Hey hey it's Episode 14 of Books Boys! TheDean! & PJ catch up and chat about the books they've read in the past month. We also have a surprise call in from the author Juliet Rose (authorjulietrose.com)

Books discussed include: 

- A Clergyman's Daughter (George Orwell, 1935)

- The Histories (Herodotus, 430 B.C.)

- Relato de Un Naufrago (Gabriel García Márquez, 1955)

- Hard Boiled Wonderland & The End Of The World (Haruki Murakami, 1985)

- Daredevil comics

- Do Over (Juliet Rose, 2021)

- La Garza y La Violeta (Rafael Arozarena, 1998)

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