Literature Infrastructure: De Goede Immigrant with Ebissé Wakjira Rouw

Ebissé Wakjira Rouw, co-founder of the Dutch multimedia powerhouse, Dipsaus ( joins us in conversation by using the music of Luther Vandross, Nas, Lil Wayne, City Girls and Mahmoud Ahmed to discuss publishing while Black in the Netherlands and Europe, navigating work-life balance in light of COVID-19, translating writings by Continental and Diaspora African writers and more.

We also discuss recent and forthcoming Dipsaus publications such as: the Dutch translation of Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider, Afro-Lit – Moderne Literatuur Uit De Afrikaanse Diaspora, and DeGoede Immigrant (the Dutch iteration of the ground-breaking anthology, The Good Immigrant).

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Books referenced in this episode:

-     A Strangers Pose - Enmanuel Iduma

-    De Goede Immigrant – Edited by Dipsaus

-     Sister Outsider – Audre Lorde

-     Afro-Lit – Moderne Literatuur Uit De Afrikaanse Diaspora – Edited by Dalilla Hermans and Ebissé Wakjira Rouw

-      Hallo Witte Mensen - Anousha Nzume

-      Fikir esle Meqabir - Hadis Alemayehu

Songs referenced this episode:

-      Never too much - Luhter Vandross is our jam where Noush put a ring

-      Stuntin like ma daddy - Birdman, Lil Wayne,

-     If I ruled the World - NAS, Lauryn Hill

-     Where the bag at - City Girls.

-     Tizita – Mahmoud Ahmed

Podcast referenced in this episode:


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