Katherine Heiny - You're Booked

We are so excited to welcome one of our favourite ever authors to the You're Booked airwaves this week. Katherine Heiny is the author of the novels Standard Deviation and Early Morning Riser, plus the short story collection Single, Carefree, Mellow. Her books are funny, moving, wise and just fantastic. We talked to her about rice pudding, espionage, the pain of dinner parties, unnerving Judy Blume and rereading Nora Ephron.


Katherine Heiny - Standard Deviation

Katherine Heiny - Single Carefree Mellow

Katherine Heiny - Early Morning Riser

Alice Thomas Ellis - Other Side of the Fire

Alice Thomas Ellis - Summer House

Alice Thomas Ellis - Unexplained Laughter

Stella Gibbons - Cold Comfort Farm

Laurie Colwin - Home Cooking

Nigella Lawson - Feast

Nora Ephron - Heartburn

Nora Ephron - Most of...

Nell Zink - Mislaid

Thomas Harris - Silence of the Lambs

Thomas Harris - Red Dragon

Stephen King - Carrie

Dorothy Parker - Complete Stories

Barbara Trapido - Noah’s Ark

Laura Ingalls Wilder - Little House on the Prairie

Lacy Crawford - Notes on a Silencing

Naoise Dolan - Exciting Times

Elif Batuman - The Idiot

Carmen Maria Machado - In The Dream House

Nina Renata Aron - Good Morning Destroyer of Men’s Souls

Deborah Kay Davies - True Things About Me

Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones’s Diary

Nick Hornby - High Fidelity

Margaret Mitchell - Gone With the Wind

F Scott Fitzgerald - Tender is the Night

F Scott Fitzgerald - Great Gatsby

Leo Tolstoy - Anna Karenina

Norma Klein - Beginner’s Love

Judy Blume - Forever

Judy Blume - Then Again Maybe I Won’t

Judy Blume - Are You There God It’s Me Margaret

VC Andrews - Flowers in the Attic

Colleen McCullough - Thorn Birds

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