Isy Suttie - You're Booked

This week we are beyond delighted to welcome the brilliant and hilarious Isy Suttie to You’re Booked towers! Isy is a comedian, actor and the author of a memoir The Actual One and the wonderful novel Jane is Trying. We talked to her about eating mince, thriller addiction, the pain of rereading and getting a boy to buy you Forever.


Daisy Buchanan - Insatiable

Isy Suttie - Jane is Trying

Isy Suttie - The Actual One

Sara Pascoe - Animal

Sue Miller - The Good Mother

Bev Thomas - A Good Enough Mother

Louise Doughty - Apple Tree Yard

Steig Larsson - Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Erin Kelly - He Said She Said

Liz Nugent - Skin Deep

Erin Kelly - Burning Air

Ruth Rendell - Judgement in Stone

Will Dean - Last Thing To Burn

John Yorke - Into The Woods 

Libbie Hawker - Take Off Your Pants!

Lisa Jewell - Ralph’s Party

Fiona Walker - French Relations

Lisa Jewell - Family Upstairs

Shari Lapena - Couple Next Door

Judy Blume - Then Again Maybe I Won’t

John Fowles - The Magus

Sue Townsend - Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Nancy Mitford - Pursuit of Love

F Scott Fitzgerald - Great Gatsby

F Scott Fitzgerald - Tender is the Night

David Nicholls - Us

David Nicholls - One Day

Theodore Dreiser - Sister Carrie

Rachel Edwards - Lucky

Judy Blume - Forever

Judy Blume - Are You There God It’s Me Margaret

Joseph Heller - Catch 22

Nina Stibbe - Love Nina

Sharon Osbourne - Unbreakable

EL James - 50 Shades of Grey

Enid Blyton - Malory Towers

Enid Blyton - Enchanted Wood

Katy Wix - Delicacy

Lucy Vine - Bad Choices

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