Emily Gould - You're Booked

This week we are in the hilarious, wise and fascinating hands of author, publisher, teacher and essayist Emily Gould! Emily is the author of And The Heart Says Whatever, Friendship, and Perfect Tunes, as well as contributing to Bookforum, The New Yorker, Elle, The Cut and many others. She also runs Emily Books, which sells and publishes books by women. We discussed great books about music, the darkness of kid's books, the joys and pain of being a publisher and separating art from the artist.


Daisy Buchanan - How To Be a Grown Up

Daisy Buchanan - Sisterhood

Daisy Buchanan - Insatiable

Emily Gould - Perfect Tunes

Madeline Miller - Circe

Demi Moore - Inside Out

Lauren Oyler - Fake Accounts

Eileen Myles - Inferno

Patti Smith - Just Kids

Anna Wiener - Uncanny Valley

Emily Gould - Replaying My Shame

EB White - Charlotte’s Web

EB White - Letters

Madeleine L'Engle - Wrinkle in Time

Caroline Corcoran - Baby Group

Caroline Corcoran - Through The Wall

Chad Harbach - Art of Fielding

Susan Choi - Trust Exercise

Susan Choi - My Education

Susan Choi - American Woman

Walter Scott - Wendy Master of Art

Lizzy Goodman - Meet Me in the Bathroom

Sheila Weller - Girls Like Us

Cherie Curry - Neon Angel

Kim Gordon - Girl in a Band

Debbie Harry - Face It

Meghan Daum - 

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