Elizabeth Uviebinené - You're Booked

This week, we're delighted to sit down and chat with the multi-award winning author, speaker, podcaster and Financial Times columnist Elizabeth Uviebinené! Elizabeth's first book was the groundbreaking Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible, co-written with her best friend Yomi Adegoke. She also co-edited Loud Black Girls with Yomi and co-presented Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast. Her latest book is The Reset, a fundamental rethink of how we work and live. We talked to her about the genius of Jacqueline Wilson, the fun of delving into awkward subjects and reading Danielle Steel on the bus.


Elizabeth Uviebinené - The Reset

Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke - Slay In Your Lane

Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke - Loud Black Girls

Sheryl Sandberg - Lean In

Caleb Azumah Nelson - Open Water

Jacqueline Wilson - Dustbin Baby

Jacqueline Wilson - Suitcase Kid

Danielle Steel - The Promise

Tasmina Perry - Gold Diggers

Tasmina Perry - Daddy's Girls

Tasmina Perry - Guilty Pleasures

Louise Bagshawe - Career Girls

Tilly Bagshawe - Adored

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice

Jonathan Coe - House of Sleep

Sophie Kinsella - Undomestic Goddess

Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell - Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell - Blink

Jilly Cooper - Man Who Made Husbands Jealous

Sophie Mort - Manual For Being Human

Otegha Uwagba - We Need to Talk About Money

Clare Seal - Real Life Money

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