You're Booked Presents: Daisy is Careering

You're Booked is very proud to present Daisy's brand new podcast: Daisy is Careering. In Daisy is Careering, journalist and author Daisy Buchanan will be looking at one of the most complicated relationships of our lives: work. We all want to find jobs that we love, but what happens when we start to realise they are never going to love us back? How much of ourselves should we bring to our careers? What can we do when our ambition makes us feel anxious? Is there such a thing as a 'dream job'? In a series of intimate and revealing conversations, Daisy will ask her guests to explore how they navigate the highs and lows of their working lives, and how we can all survive and thrive, while making sure our professional passion doesn't turn into a bad romance. The first episode features the brilliant Emma Gannon and upcoming guests include Otegha Uwagba, Kat Brown, Natalie Lee, Bryony Gordon and many more!

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The podcast accompanies Daisy's latest novel, Careering. 

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