Bookable Space with Steven Mayfield

Steven Mayfield joins host Yvonne Battle-Felton in this episode of Bookable Space. Steven will be reading from Delphic Oracle, U.S.A.

About the book

It is 1925 when a love affair between enchantress Maggie Westinghouse and con man July Pennybaker upends the small town of Miagrammesto Station, tumbles it about, and sets it back down as Delphic Oracle, Nebraska. Will their love fulfill its destiny? The narrator of this wry, entertaining novel, Father Peter Goodfellow, weaves back and forth in time to answer that question. Along the way, he introduces the Goodfellows, the Penrods, and the Thorntons—families whose members include a perpetual runaway, a man with religion but no faith, a man with faith but no religion, a boy known as Samson the Methodist, a know-it-all librarian who seems to actually know everything, a quartet of confused midsummer lovers, and a skeleton unearthed in a vacant lot. Funny, poignant, and occasionally tragic, their histories are part of how a place at the confluence of the Platte, Loup, and Missouri River Valleys became home to the long-lost Oracle of Delphi.


Author the author:

Steven Mayfield was the 2021 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Medalist for his novel, Treasure of the Blue Whale. A former neonatologist, he lives and writes in Oregon and can order beer or wine in four languages. His wife can say, “Pay no attention to this man,” in five. 

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