Bookable Space with Sandra Cavallo Miller

Love being read to? Hosted by novelist Yvonne Battle-Felton, this episode of Bookable Space features Sandra Cavallo Miller reading Out of Patients.


After practicing medicine for over thirty years, Norah Waters MD is weighing her options, and early retirement looks better and better. At age fifty-eight, who needs midnight calls, cranky patients, and business headaches? Fighting burnout and workplace melodrama, Norah gives herself one last year to find her way back to enjoying her once-cherished career.

   Norah also tries to aid her elderly mom, a feisty and irreverent eighty-six-year-old living in Sun City who once rejoiced at Woodstock and recently partied at Burning Man. Never exactly the perfect parent, Norah’s mom keeps her staid neighbors stirred up and has her eye on her mailman, a mere youngster at seventy-five. At utterly different points in their lives, troubled by a shadow in their past, both women find themselves on a quest for worth in their shifting worlds. 

   Supported by her steadfast dog, a misfit veterinarian, and a thoughtful radiologist, Norah wrestles her way through a surprising assortment of obstacles, sometimes amusing and sometimes dreadful, to make a final decision about her future.


A retired academic family physician, Sandra Cavallo Miller has helped launch hundreds of residents and medical students into their careers. Little fiction has been written about realistic women doctors or family medicine, and she is on a mission to change that. She enjoys creating mixed-genre novels filled with accurate medical science, a little adventure, and playful romance. 

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