Bookable Space with Lorraine Wilson

Joined by host Yvonne Battle-Felton, this episode of Bookable Space features Lorraine Wilson with The Way the Light Bends.

Lorraine is a conservation scientist who now lives by the sea in Scotland writing speculative fiction influenced by folklore and the wilderness. She runs a mentorship programme for marginalised writers and The Way The Light Bends is her second novel, with a third coming out later this year. 


About the book:

The Way The Light Bends is a story about who we become, and what we will believe in, when we lose the person who anchors us. It follows two estranged sisters who have lost their brother. When his twin goes missing a year after his death, their elder sister ventures down shadowy paths searching for someone she loves deeply, but barely knows. It is full of Scottish folklore, the lure of deep water and the way that family can both hurt and heal us.  

Sometimes hope is the most dangerous thing of all.


When their brother dies, two sisters lose the one thing that connected them. Then on the anniversary of her twin’s death, Tamsin goes missing.


Despite police indifference and her husband’s doubts, Freya is determined to bring her sister home. But a trail of diary entries reveals a woman she barely knew, and a danger she can scarcely fathom, full of deep waters and shadowy myths, where the grief that drove Tamsin to the edge of a cliff also led her into the arms of a mysterious stranger...

A man who promised hope but demanded sacrifice...


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