Bookable Space with Emily Johnson

Love being read to? In this episode of Bookable Space we're joined by Emily Johnson reading Pushing Through the Cracks.

Pushing Through The Cracks


Four years ago, Emily, a divorced mother of two, was living her best life with a new partner and a blended family of six. But then addiction and mental illness entered her home uninvited, threatening to tear the whole family apart.

With an alcoholic husband and two teenage sons – one a depressed gambler and the other with chronic obsessive-compulsive disorder – Emily is left to cope alone. And when the Covid pandemic hits, Emily, a serial people-pleaser, enabler, and born rescuer, almost breaks too.

This true story delves into the darkest sides of mental illness and addiction with raw, often harrowing honesty. It shines a light on taboo subjects, including self-harm, suicidal feelings, gambling, alcoholism, depression, severe OCD, and eating disorders, all exacerbated by an unprecedented global pandemic and dwindling support services.

This is a story of remarkable strength, self-realisation and reclamation of a lost identity. This is a story of finding hope, pushing through the cracks in the darkness.

Emily J. Johnson - Author

Emily is a mother, author, and advocate for raising awareness of mental illness. Having spent 15 years living in Australia, Emily returned to the UK in 2010 and lives on the south coast of England. Emily continues living and working around her family's ongoing mental illness recovery, splitting her time between part-time work, caring, and writing.

This episode includes a trigger warning.

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