Bloody Murder Special Announcement March 2020

Well Shit in bucket, what’s going on in the world?

Hi Everyone, this is Barney Black from Bloody Murder.

Unfortunately there will not be a regular new episode this week.

My co-host Tara Sariban has been sick in bed for a week with a nasty cold and has lost her voice...or rather I wish she had. She sounds like a phlegm filled croaking witch from the bottom of a very dark bog. Nobody needs to hear something that scary, especially in these trying times. 

Don’t worry, it’s just a crappy cold. 


We’ve actually been working hard all week writing and researching. 

Our next episode will be a corking two parter!

In the meantime time, just to keep some bloody murder in your ears while you self isolate,

We have unlocked a previous patron only episode for today.

Episode 135 The Boy is Mine and When Darren met Kevin

Teenagers Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann hated each others guts. They were both in what they thought was a relationship with a guy named Josh Camacho, who encouraged them to fight over over him. Their feud started on social media then escalated to threatening phone calls and culminated in a violent confrontation that would leave one of them dead.

A dispute over a fence line between neighbours, Kevin Skeyhill and Darren Lorke, escalated when punches were thrown. Alcohol and some covert surveillance exasperated the situation to the point where a fake gun and knife led to murder. 

We hope you enjoy it!

Wash you hands and your dirty pillows

And we’ll be back next week

With Part 1 of Blood Oath The Van Krevel Evil! 


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