138. The Just Sweats Life Insurance Murder

The Just Sweats Life Insurance Murder.

Dodgy Just Sweats business owners John Hawkins and Melvin Hanson had been cashing in on insurance scams since the early 1980's. After running their company into the ground with reckless spending, they came up with the scam to end all scams. They decided to take out over a million dollars in life insurance on Melvin Hanson, then fake his death for the insurance money. To do so, they convinced their friend and fellow con artist, Californian neurologist Dr Richard Boggs to join them in their scheme. Now all they needed was a dead man who resembled Melvin Hanson and they intended to find one, even if it meant killing him themselves.

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Aussie As: A quick-thinking Aussie legend saves his 4-year-old son from a gigantic python in North Queensland

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