169. Beefcake & Bullets: The Chippendales Murder - Part Two

This is Part Two of Beefcake and Bullets – The Chippendales Murder, if you haven't listened to part one and you want any of this to make sense, we suggest you push stop and go back and listen to episode 168.

Steve Banerjee had gone from rags to riches by creating the male erotic dance troupe the Chippendales, but he didn’t do it alone. Emmy award winning television producer and Broadway choreographer, Nick De Noia gave the Chippendales routines the glitz and glamor that made them world famous. But Steve, not adverse to acts of crime to retain his power, had a falling out with De Noia and called in his right hand man and crappy doer of cheeky arsons, Ray Colon to organise a hit on the unsuspecting Nick De Noia.

TCNT: Tara interviewed podcaster and author Paul Verhoeven about his true crime books Loose Units and his latest release Electric Blue.

Aussie As: A fancy private school in the affluent suburb of North Sydney makes headlines after a vile muck up day challenge is made public.

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