17: S02E17: Firebrand

"A female terrorist, a firebrand, a knifewoman." Model and barmaid Tracie Andrews appeared at a press conference on the 3rd December 1996 with a bruised face, clutching the hand of a mother who had lost her son. Both women appealed for information from the public. Andrews said her fiancé, Lee Harvey, had been the victim of a road rage attack from "a fat man with staring eyes." It turned out Andrews herself had committed the crime, having stabbed her partner over 40 times with a pen knife.
Her lawyer would later argue the press had made it impossible for Andrews to receive a fair trial: "her name and picture quickly became synonymous with unmitigated wickedness, cunning and duplicity in the collective public mind."
Producer: Poppy Damon 
Artwork: George Leigh
Music: Dan Wansell
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