Allez Les Rouges-Poetry In Motion: A tribute to Jurgen Klopp, the man who made it all possible

Still buzzing? Of course you are! And why not continue the party with this very special, champions edition of the Allez Les Rouges and Poetry in Motion podcasts. Lifelong Reds – and cousins – Neil Fitzmaurice and Peter Hooton join forces again for a celebration of Liverpool’s Premier League title triumph. And alongside them is the Liverpool ECHO’s own Dan Kay as well as author and journalist, Simon Hughes, of The Athletic. They look back on the 4-0 masterclass against Crystal Palace that set up the following night’s scenes of unbridled joy, all around the world, after Manchester City lost to Chelsea. The panel talk about what they did on the night the title was sealed and how they felt at the 30-year wait coming to an end. But the most part of this must-listen podcast is all about the man who has brought the Holy Grail back to Anfield – Jurgen Klopp. We’re not just saying it – listen to this podcast. It captures the mood perfectly. Enjoy!

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