Bode Miller on Education, Mental Preparation, Technology, Ski Design, & More

Bode Miller is not only one of the greatest ski racers of all time, he’s also working on a number of interesting projects. So we have a very wide-ranging conversation with Bode about his involvement in rethinking education with the Institute for Civic Leadership; the use of technology and data to make skiing easier (SKEO); the crucial lesson his grandmother taught him at a young age; his greatest competitive advantage as a ski racer; his interest in reenvisioning advertising (DTX); what he aims to do in terms of ski design with Crosson Skis; and more. 


  • Rethinking Education: ICL: Institute for Civic Leadership (2:40)
  • Tech, Data, & Skiing: SKEO (11:52)
  • Benefits & dangers of new technologies (17:46)
  • Lesson from Bode’s grandma (24:36)
  • Various factors of ski racing (30:12)
  • Bode’s greatest competitive advantage (33:43)
  • Rethinking Advertising: DTX & Flowcode (43:33)
  • Bode on ski design: Crosson Skis (56:45)

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