Be Right Back

A recurring theme among all the actors interviewed for this podcast is a deep love for the acting masterclass that is Be Right Back.

Hayley Atwell (Martha) and Domhnall Gleeson (Ash) play out the saddest, most delicate two-hander in the middle of a rural nowhere.

Martha gets what everyone broken by sharp new grief desperately wants: the loved one resurrected.

Technology steps in to make that not quite happen, and the result is a perfect mix of joy and horror.

The episode shares a director, Owen Harris, with Season 4's double-Emmy-winning San Junipero, and you can tell.

Black Mirror at its finest? Mirror Online journalist Harriet Flook (@harrietkhark) joins the podcast to examine exactly why.

Interested in hearing more from the other Black Mirror actors featured at the tart of the pod? 

Here's Georgina Campbell, and you can hear Gavin Stenhouse and Wyatt Russell in upcoming episodes.


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