The Entire History of You's Rhashan Stone on the Peep Show POV

Rhashan Stone, who plays Jeff in The Entire History of You, calls Season 1's finale "Black Mirror before it was Black Mirror."

He has a point: it's the first episode to feature a cranial implant and future tech that undoes a pair of lives.

It's the only episode written by Peep Show co-creator Jesse Armstrong, and he brings the point-of-view camera technique over to this episode of Black Mirror with him.

Jeff is the first character to show the audience just how deep into a past experience the characters can go, with recollections that they can (but probably shouldn't) revisit any time:

"This is a 5-star suite! I paid good money to have perfect details! Now? I've got that sh***y carpet. For the rest of my life."

Little do any of them realise just how far Liam (Toby Kebbell) will fall down the rabbit hole of memory.

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