It's time to go further down the Black Mirror rabbit hole than ever before!

December 28th saw the release of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - an interactive experience from Netflix. Join host James Ide chatting with Producer Dan, who has spent far too long trying to save Stefan from Charlie Brooker.

80's nostalgia, game theory versus audience theory, and one liners about mince beef collide as Black Mirror Cracked goes hunting for the fabled Bandersnatch.

James and Dan review the new interactive Black Mirror movie including easter eggs, cast and THAT flow chart.

And it's time to find out if new host, James, has enough Black Mirror knowledge to pull this off...!

John Barrowman speaking with Ratz The Cat can be found here:

Rediit user Alpine’s awesome logic diagram can be found here:

Hobbit_guy’s capture of the newspaper front page nibs:

And SnickerdoodleFP’s thread on the ZX Spectrum Easter Egg can be found here: 

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