White Christmas with actor Rasmus Hardiker

The episode known as 'the Jon Hamm one' before its much-anticipated debut in December 2014, White Christmas is a collection of Black Mirror lasts and firsts.

It's the last of the Channel 4 series, going out well before the news that Netflix would pick up the show.

It's the first episode to have a huge American star at its centre; to introduce cookies; and to have a three-part story structure.

Joining the pod to discuss his time working on set is actor Rasmus Hardiker (@RasmusHardiker), who played Harry in the first story. 

Poor Harry, he just wanted a date... what he got was a lot more... final. Ras tells us all about what it was like to film that iconic last scene.

Showbiz journalist Vicki Newman (@Vicki_Mirror) returns to the pod to analyse the episode that British audiences feared would be the last we'd see of Black Mirror. 

Thankfully, we were wrong..!


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