San Junipero with Wes actor Gavin Stenhouse

Yes, it's San Junipero! The neon-lit 80s tale of two women falling in love that is not - of course - all that it seems. 

Actor Gavin Stenhouse (@gavinstenhouse) who plays lovelorn Wes, joins the pod to talk about working on the most beloved (and surprising) of Black Mirror instalments. 

He was also there with the cast, Charlie Brooker and co when they won the series' first two Emmy awards - and surely not its last.

Journalist Harriet Flook (@harrietkhark) also returns to the pod to analyse her favourite episode.

That's a wrap on Black Mirror Cracked - at least for now. Thanks to everyone who spared some time to guest or co-host, and thank YOU for listening! We've loved hearing from you, making the pod and falling way down deep into the Black Mirror rabbit hole. Here's to Season 5! 


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