Handprints and baby loss with Michelle Tolfrey

CW: This episode features discussion of baby loss.

Michelle was told at 37 weeks pregnant that, devastatingly, her baby no longer had a heartbeat. She talks Clemmie through how, with the help of her midwife, she was able to birth her baby vaginally and spend time with her before she and her husband left the hospital. Clemmie and Michelle discuss how she felt when the unthinkable happened, how they managed to find moments of light and hope alongside their grief, and how Michelle and her husband keep Orla’s memory alive. They also take a question about how to approach giving birth again after a traumatic birth.

For information and help on the subject of baby loss, visit:



If you have any concerns about your baby’s movements at any stage in your pregnancy always call your hospital and speak to a midwife. For more information please visit: kickscount.org.uk

Michelle's blog From The Other Chair explores baby loss, pregnancy and parenting after loss as well as mental health: fromtheotherchair.co.uk

Michelle is a Clinical Psychologist and her professional website has lots of information about mental health and wellbeing and the evidence based therapies that can help: talkingheads.org.uk

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