Transforming Indigenous Stereotypes with Crystal Echo Hawk

Hey podcast listeners! We’re launching a new series called Indigeneity Conversations. Produced by Bioneers and hosted by Indigeneity Program Directors Cara Romero and Alexis Bunten. This series is dedicated to amplifying and uplifting Indigenous voices, experiences and solutions. New episodes will be released on this podcast feed, so stay tuned.
This series premiere episode features a conversation with Crystal Echo Hawk, an enrolled member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and President and CEO of IllumiNative and of Echo Hawk Consulting. 
From racist mascots, to stereotypes in national creation myths like Thanksgiving, we have always faced misrepresentation and disrespect of our cultures and identities. Cultural appropriation and commodification of our cultures is commonplace, but Native activists, artists, youth, educators, legislators and our allies are changing that reality. We are winning battles to ban racist mascots and call out negative stereotypes in the media.