Adam Blythe on 1x drivetrains, the boring aesthetics of the pro peloton and more | BikeRadar Shorts

In this episode of the BikeRadar Podcast, deputy editor Jack Luke sits down with former pro-cyclist-turned-presenter, Adam Blythe.

Blythe is famously unafraid to air his opinions on tech, notably singling out Aqua Blue Sport’s decision to race on 3T’s 1x-specific Strada bikes as a key reason for his former team’s downfall in 2018. Following the recent release of the new 3T Strada ICR – which is available in a 2x configuration – We asked Adam whether he thought 1x will ever offer a competitive advantage.

Blythe also comes from a generation where riders were able to customize bikes to suit their riding, and by extension, personalities. In the podcast, Blythe bemoans the homogeneity of the modern peloton and highlights who he thinks are today’s most stylish riders on and off the bike. Finally, we hear his personal view on the UCI tech rules today.  

Blythe shares his thought on whether he thinks 1x will ever offer a competitive advantage, the homogeneous aesthetic of tech in the pro peloton today (and why he thinks that’s a bad thing), who he thinks is the most stylish rider on and off the bike, and his thoughts on UCI tech rules. 

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