105: The Ultimate Idiot (Game Awards Nominees, Pentiment, Bethesda's Mick Gordon Response)

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Welcome once again to another smashing round of Big Week in Gaming for this Sunday 20 November 2022. Join integot, Mike and Swinny as they chat about the biggest news of the week - including The Game Awards nominees and the continuing Doom Eternal soundtrack saga.

Oh - and more Splatoon & Picross of course!

Highlights so epic, we're gonna need Geoff Keighley to reveal them:

▸ The nominees for The Game Awards 2022 have been announced

▸ Bethesda (aka id Software) respond to composer Mick Gordon's pipebomb letter from last week

▸ And impressions of Obsidian's unique mystery adventure Pentiment

#TheGameAwards #MickGordon #Pentiment

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