ep 218 - demi sprints away to have diarrhea

There she goes! Fast as lightning, sprinting away at the drop of a hat! Sweet Demi is making a break for the toilet! Watch her go!

Great pig story in this one, gang, no two ways about it - and it doubles as an indirect follow-up to everyone's favourite episode "Cuddles Is In The Bulkhead" (the nice thing segment from that episode specifically). I love to learn about a pig. If you have any pig stories, please send them through to bigsofttitty.png@gmail.com

Still playing Lost Judgement over here. Having fun with it. Just unlocked a boxing minigame. Demi's out of the house playing D&D with the Dragon Friends over at twitch.tv/DragonFriends - if you go over there in the next little while you can watch the archived livestream of her playing a character of her own creation named "Mr. Pizza". She is wonderful, can't wait till she's home.

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