ep 213 - mark wahlberg is the sun

i cant give you ben jenkins email because he has a normal job and a baby so like idk. im gonna make some paghetti i think and it guess ill put the recipe in here.

very very finely chop two large carrots and three large celery stalks.

Hey it's Tom taking over the post. Demi got that far in to uploading the episode then fell asleep, so the spaghetti recipe is lost to time. Also she didn't make spaghetti, she made a dish she calls "scranch" which I think she's talked about before, it's a kind of spicy cheesy rice. Anyway! Hope you're well. Just came back to the post to say: this is not a bit, she walked away from the computer and fell asleep and the computer fell asleep so i've reuploaded the audio while she's asleep. also we're engaged but we hadn't gone public with that before this episode

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