167: Succession S2, UK Rap Game on BBC3, weird cover versions status report

LOGAN’S RUIN: Bravura dynastic betrayalfest Succession is back for a second jaw-dropping season on Sky. Are they satirising Murdoch, Trump or plutocrats in general? What do the Murdochs think of it (Simon knows)? And is this actually the new Greatest Thing Ever On TV? 

MCS GOT TALENT: As long-running “X Factor of hip hop” The Rap Game comes to the BBC3, we assemble a roomful of middle-aged white people to see who’s Alexandra Burke of grime and hardcore, and who’s the Steve Brookstein of MCs. 

TRAD. ARR. WARS: As guest Michael Hann brings ‘Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Van Halen’ by The Bird And The Bee to our attention, we assess the current vexed state of the cover version. As in, no more heartbroken minor key versions of ANYTHING, OK?

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