100: Podcast #100! Simon Day, Charley’s War, Juliana Hatfield, Chas & Dave, Andrew Collins and more…

For our gala ONE HUNDREDTH podcast, special guests SIMON DAY of The Fast Show and ANDREW COLLINS (who was on the very first Bigmouth back when it was in black and white) join us for the finest in high-end pop chatter.

This week: Untold pop tales in Sky’s Urban Myths. Legendary WWI story Charley’s War returns in a lavish new edition. Is it still the greatest British comic book of all time? Is Chas & Dave’s first proper album in 30 years any good, and what about Juliana Hatfield’s LP of Olivia Newton-John covers? Andrew Harrison slices the birthday cake and Siân Pattenden fills the lucky bags. 

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Produced and presented by Andrew Harrison with Siân Pattenden. Studio production by Jack Claramunt. Bigmouth is a Podmasters production.

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