Lovecraft Country, Lemon Twigs, Erasure, Project Power

The weekend starts early! Just! Under the pop culture microscope this week…

  • H.P. SOURCE – Sky/HBO’s Lovecraft Country: here’s that “Jim Crow-era American racism meets extra dimensional elder gods” mash-up you were looking for. But is it any good?
  • GLAM RACKET – Is The Lemon Twigs’ magpie mid-70s power pop a wild pastiche, a glorious rock’n’roll adventure… or both?
  • SAVED BY THE BELL (AND THE CLARKE) – Erasure are back back back! 
  • POWER PILL – In Netflix super-action pic Project Power you neck a “Jimmy Hill” and get superpowers for five minutes. Bravura superhero reinvention, or just more stuff blowin’ up?

Guests Adam Higginbotham (author of Midnight In Chernobyl) and Pete Brown, the don of beer writers and the author of Craft: An Argument: Why The Term ‘Craft Beer’ Is Completely Undefinable, Hopelessly Misunderstood And Absolutely Essential, join us to “sort it all out”. 

Produced and presented by Siân Pattenden and Andrew Harrison. Audio production by Robin Leeburn. Bigmouth is a Podmasters production. 


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