Diane Morgan’s MANDY, Cut Copy, Yes God Yes

This week on pop culture’s premier inquisition…

  • I’M MANDY, TRY ME: Does Diane Morgan’s new mini-series MANDY hit the highs of Philomena Cunk?
  • CHILL BY SOUTH: Melbourne electro gadabouts Cut Copy go ambient on new sixth album Freeze, Melt. Will it assuage our panel’s heatstroke?
  • DOING THE LORD'S JERK: It’s Catholic guilt vs teenage sexual “self-discovery” time in new comedy Yes God Yes. Will our panel experience holy ecstasy (followed by immediate shame)?

William Shaw – Smash Hits and Details veteran turned writer of splendid crime books – and Guardian podcasts queen Hannah Verdier join Andrew and Siân to sort the sheep from the goats.  

Produced and presented by Siân Pattenden and Andrew Harrison. Audio production by Alex Rees. Bigmouth is a Podmasters production. 

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