Farewell edition! John Cooper Clark, Foundation, Y: The Last Man, Trunk Records, Shep Pettibone’s 80s bangers

Bigmouth bids farewell in the outside world! From now on you can get us at The Culture Bunker… but we’re keeping the Bigmouth Patreon going with a few special extras for the Patreon faithful. And of course you can hear the music in full from every edition on our rolling playlist.
On this week’s tearful end-of-an-era edition we meet John Cooper Clark, the William Blake of Salford, on the occasion of his new collection of poems – and he reads us one too. Plus, have Apple TV+ successfully filmed the unfilmable with their adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation? Is “all the men are dead” comic book adaptation Y: The Last Man any good? The genius of 80s remixer Shep Pettibone. And Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records on the out-thereness of library music.
We hope you’ve enjoyed dear old Bigmouth these last five years. Her spirit will live on in The Culture Bunker, so head over there and subscribe now. In the meantime, sleep well, faithful podcast. You did us proud.
Produced and presented by Siân Pattenden and Andrew Harrison. Assistant producer Jelena Sofronijevic. Audio production by Robin Leeburn. Theme music: ‘Bunker Theme (Juntos Mix)’ by Kenny Dickinson. Bigmouth was a Podmasters production.

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