Culture Bunker: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’s Dan Gillespie Sells, Sex Education Series 3, horror films

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Welcome to the debut of our new weekend pop culture roundtable, as the podcast formerly known as Bigmouth joins The Bunker. This week, special guest Dan Gillespie Sells, composer of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie joins us to talk over the musical’s transition to Amazon Prime film. Critic Michael Hann helps us unpack Sex Education Series 3 on Netflix, and The North Water. Plus friend of the podcast Naomi Smith joins to share her pick of the horror flicks out in cinemas now. 

"Pop music is something you have on when you're dropping the kids off swimming. Writing for musical theatre is very different." - Dan Gillespie Sells.

"Drag queens are superheroes." - Alex Andreou.

"When I came out, I wore a white wedding dress and sang Don't Cry for Me, Argentina in the town square." - Alex Andreou.

"Sex Education is for people to reminisce about the sex they didn't have as teenagers." - Michael Hann.

Because of licensing issues we’ll have to use fewer music clips than usual in the main release – but Patreon people, rest assured you’ll get “a few extras” in this version. And all the music is on The Culture Bunker’s rolling playlist:
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