115: Growing an Empire From Nothing with Felipe Mejia

Felipe Mejia’s relationship with money started at an early age - when his parents divorced and his world turned upside down. His mother introduced him to the power of real estate by fixing up the basement and renting it out to generate income.

His mother further influenced his money story by creating her own cleaning company and introducing Felipe to a client who hired Felipe to clean up his job sites. Felipe put his own spin on that by hiring the work out for a slightly lower rate than he was getting.

Real estate became Felipe’s main source of income, generating enough that he does not have to work a traditional job any longer.

Felipe Mejia, along with Ashley Kehr from Episode 114 are the hosts of BiggerPockets newest Podcast, Real Estate Rookie.

Together, they share stories of real estate successes - as well as encouragement to get started investing in real estate.

The Real Estate Rookie show is for anyone interested in investing in real estate - and needs a little encouragement.

The Real Estate Rookie Podcast airs on Wednesdays wherever you get your podcasts.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Felipe's money story
  • How important money is for Felipe
  • What he did to his first rental property
  • The importance of putting money into an investment
  • How he earned money during his quest to join the police department
  • On getting attracted to the power of earning passive income through real estate
  • On house hacking
  • Challenges he encountered in terms of his rental properties
  • His advice on getting one’s spouse onboard
  • How he approaches cash reserves
  • And SO much more!

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