Britain is a Nation Of Selfish Dirty Freaks

In this episode of Britain is a Nation of... join data journalist Victoria Waldersee from YouGov Omnibus, along with the Head of News at Yahoo UK, Stuart Henderson, and editor Matilda Long as they unpack statistics around the theme of British cleanliness.


  • How often does the average Brit brush their teeth? (And why the night brush is the best brush.)
  • How often do we wash our hands after using the loo? (And why you should steer clear of your male colleagues.)
  • And how often do we have a bath or shower? (Wait, are we bathing too much?)


Hosted by Stuart Henderson, Matilda Long and Victoria Waldersee

Research support provided by YouGov Omnibus

Produced by Caithlin Mercer

Engineered by Danny Allin

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