Britain is a Nation of Tossers and Turners

In the first episode of Britain is a Nation of... join data journalist Victoria Waldersee from YouGov Omnibus, along with the Head of News at Yahoo UK, Stuart Henderson, and editor Matilda Long as they unpack statistics around British sleep habits with Professor Jason Ellis, director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research.

This week, we're discussing:

How many Britons have trouble falling asleep at night, with expert input from Professor Ellis on how many hours of sleep you need and the trick he uses to help people sleep at his centre. (See the full results of Stuart's survey here.)

What do Britons wear to bed? And what should we be wearing (if anything)? (See the full results of Matilda's survey here.)

And who do Britons have inappropriate dreams about? Along with some excellent insight from Prof Ellis on how to change the content of dreams you don't like. (See the full results of Victoria's survey here.)


One in four people admit having a sex dream about a colleague

Why snoozing the alarm is not good for you

Why you have trouble sleeping as you get older

Why you should rethink your pyjamas


Hosted by Stuart Henderson, Matilda Long and Victoria Waldersee

Research by YouGov Omnibus

Produced by Caithlin Mercer

Engineered by Danny Allin


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