Britain is a Nation of Future Bug-Eaters

In this episode of Britain is a Nation of... join data journalist Victoria Waldersee from YouGov Omnibus, along with the Head of News at Yahoo UK, Stuart Henderson, and editor Matilda Long as they unpack statistics around British eating habits with Dr Kimberley Wilson, host of the Food & Pscyh podcast, qualified psychologist and former GBBO contestant.

This week, we're discussing statistics around the theme of food.

  • Do you put milk in first when you make a cup of tea? (And why do we get so emotional about the answer?)
  • What's Britain's favourite biscuit? (And should Jaffa Cakes count?)
  • And how long is too long to wait before eating food that's fallen on the floor?


Why does the idea of eating some things gross us out more than others?

From chocolate digestives to custard creams, this is why biscuits are so addictive

How long can you leave something on the floor before you eat it?


Hosted by Stuart Henderson, Matilda Long and Victoria Waldersee

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