Britain is a Nation of Fairly Conservative Huggers

In the final episode of season 1, ahead of a two-week break, Britain is a Nation of... join data journalist Victoria Waldersee from YouGov Omnibus, along with the Head of News at Yahoo UK, Stuart Henderson, and editor Matilda Long as they unpack statistics around the theme of Valentine's Day with Dr Becky Spellman, psychologist and We-Vibe relationship expert.

  • Which public displays of affection do Brits think are acceptable? (Pash or dash?)
  • Is your partner more attractive than you? (Stuart's is.)
  • Is marriage an outdated institution? (Controversial!)


Hosted by Stuart Henderson, Matilda Long and Victoria Waldersee

Research support provided by YouGov Omnibus

Produced by Caithlin Mercer

Engineered by Danny Allin

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