Boogie Nights 2: Dirk Diggler's Hole-istic Dicktective Agency

Starring Mark Wahlberg as Dirk Diggler, the well-endowed Golden Child of the late 70s porn industry, Boogie Nights established Paul Thomas Anderson as a major directorial talent, and featured breakthrough performances for megastars including Julianne Moore, Don Cheadle, Philip Seymour Hoffman and more - plus the comeback of a lifetime for actual seventies icon Burt Reynolds. 

In this week's podcast, we go deep and dirty while discussing the changing face of porn, debate whether anyone would actually want to wield a 14 inch penis, attain possible wig watch nirvana and of course, pitch some sequel ideas to help Wahlberg's Diggler to rise again...


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00.00: More uncomfortable sexual tension than your average plot summary  

48.30: Boogie Nights Drinking Games

53.20: Boogie Nights 2: Dirk Diggler's Hole-istic Dicktective Agency 

1.04.25: Boogie Nights 2: Brock & Chest's Second Cumming  

1.16.20: Listener Submissions & Episode 118 Preview