May 2: The Tribute

May we have your attention please? This week we're taking on a slightly less well-known movie than usual, but we definitely think it's worthy of a wider audience. Writer-director Lucky McKee's May is a surprisingly thoughtful and challenging indie-horror about a lonely and isolated young woman who takes a... creative approach to dealing with rejection. 

Joined by this week's special guest, May super-fan Kit Sheppard, we discuss the traumatic influence of creepy childhood dolls, Anna Faris' questionable acting choices and the sad fate of poor, sweet Blank with the cartoonishly large hair...

We also brainstorm some sequel ideas including an all-star, mega-budget horror upgrade inspired by Aliens, an Orange Is The New Black-inspired crossover and a decidedly adult spin on Pixar's Toy Story formula. 


Beyond The Box Set is a movie podcast with a difference. Each week, our two hosts - and the occasional guest - review a classic standalone movie and attempt to pitch ridiculous sequel, prequel or spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. From Oscar-winning classics to box office bombs, our creativity knows no bounds. 

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00.00: Traumatic childhood doll stories

31.40: May Drinking Games

49.50: May Is Back

56.20: Suzie: An Adult Pixar Movie

1.12.38: Listener Submissions & Episode 78 Preview