Turning failure into success with Jan Cavelle

Ashlee is joined by Jan Cavelle, business owner, speaker and author of Scale For Success. In this episode, Jan talks about her first hand experience of scaling a business to morph into a bigger venture, and the challenges that comes with. Like most business owners, Jan has known both failure and succes and shares her tips on how to avoid the traps that she fell into on her own journey. Jan also discusses how she managed to turn her business from working on the kitchen table to employing a team of more than 40, and how she balanced scaling her start-up with being a single mother.

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Connect With Jan - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jancavelle/

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Scale For Success - https://jancavelle.co.uk/scale-for-success/

Jan Cavelle - https://jancavelle.co.uk/

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