How to position your start-up brand with Natasha Lytton

Natasha Lytton is Head of Brand, Marketing and Portfolio Support at Seedcamp - Europes first early-stage investor in pre-seed and seed stage companies. With experience working in Chief Marketing Officer roles at consumer-focussed start-ups across FMCG, retail and food technology, Natasha understands the growing pains that come with joining an early-stage company as well as how much needs to be done to make the company succeed from a marketing and positioning perspective.

In this episode, Natasha talks about her experience working at Seedcamp, a European seed-stage venture capital fund, and shares her secrets on how she has helped start ups with everything from defining brand purpose, to growth strategies and the art of creative story telling. She also talks to Ashlee about what investors are looking for in pre-seed and seed stage businesses, the importance of a strong team and her experiences being the first marketing hire at startups in-house.

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