The REAL Charles Dickens with Miriam Margolyes

Joining us today is writer, actor and all-round Charles Dickens superfan Miriam Margolyes.

You might be familiar with Dickens' hugely popular stories and characters, but what influence did the women in his life have on them?

Having written and starred in the play, Dickens Women, Miriam knows better than most the complicated relationships he had in his life: from his mother who took him out of school to work in a rat-infested blacking factory aged 12, to his wife whom he had a bookcase wall built to separate her from him.

How did Dickens take revenge on one lover for scorning him earlier in his life? How does Miriam square Dickens the man vs. Dickens the artist? And how did Dickens portray lesbian love?

Find out more about Miriam's tour this year, Oh Miriam!, here.

This episode was edited and produced by Stuart Beckwith. The senior producer was Charlotte Long.

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