JFK Special 2. | The Kennedy Sister They Tried To Hide

This November marks 60 years since President John F Kennedy was assassinated. 

His name is associated with history defining events, but it’s also connected with a dynasty, known for their celebrity and notoriously for being ‘cursed.’

The Kennedy family, thought of as American royals by many, have a fascinating and tragic history - especially the women in JFK’s life and family line.

Today we're exploring the story of JFK's sister Rosemary. Following a failed lobotomy which left her unable to walk or talk, she was hidden from public view for fear of jeopardising the pristine image of the family dynasty.

This is the second instalment in a mini-series, The Kennedy Women, which started with their great-grandma Bridget, and will also cover Jackie, JFK's affairs, and the so-called Kennedy curse.

The senior producer was Charlotte Long. The producer was Stuart Beckwith.

Archive courtesy of NBC.

You can read Kate Clifford Larson's book, Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, here.

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